Principal Message

MLZ-Goa - Principal
My journey in the field of education as a student and a teacher led me to ponder over different aspects of education pertaining to the nature of schools, the role of a teacher and the vast scope of education in every walk of life.

The modern world has thrown immense challenges before schools to shape the world to come. Though schools are dedicated towards the physical, intellectual, psychological and spiritual growth of their children, they are unable to accomplish them completely and they face several crises.

Thus, the words Education, Teachers, and Schools are no longer defined in a straitjacketed sense. These words have to be explored in order to revolutionize the whole domain of education, which involves inquiry, innovative effort and initiative. The challenge is to create a community that is dedicated and committed to help children realize their dreams, so that they can lead a happy life.

Now, in this direction, each thought needs to be creative, each action must be planned so as to ensure achievements of these envisaged objectives. Each subject must be dealt afresh to generate interest amongst students and to bring-out the best from each child using innovative methodologies. Each child should be considered unique and all activities must be designed to explore unexpressed, unspoken, unexposed talent and the potential of a child.

And the mind, the heart and the soul of the teacher must be dedicated towards the art of teaching so that it leads to the personal growth of the teachers also. Litera Primary Zee School is dedicated to achieve the objectives of discovering and honing Multiple Intelligences in each child. The institution has rendered unique efforts to evolve a diverse curriculum woven with Knowledge, Core Values and Life Skills which is named as Emerging Student Profile ESP.

The school lays great emphasis on child centric pedagogy where teaching learning process is experiential, enjoyable and innovative. Inquisitiveness and conceptual understanding are given due emphasis and children are encouraged to explore their interests in scholastic and co scholastic domains.

I am thankful to those who have chosen LPZS for their ward and have given us an opportunity to shape the personality of their child.

Wish you good luck.