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Nukkad Natak on Cleanliness

Nukkad Natak on Cleanliness by Mount Litera Zee School Goa on the auspicious occasion of GANDHI JAYANTI 2019.


Mount Litera Zee Goa celebrated’ Father’s Day at its premises on the 17th of June 2019.Jr K.G to Grade 12 students participated with the special card made by them as a pre activity conducted by Art Teachers Ms Radha Ajgaonkar and Mr. Isaac Hussain . The programme started with a special assembly conducted by grade 4C. The students of Class 4 C sang a lovely song Chanda ne poocha taro se taro ne poocha hazaaro se sabse pyara kaun hain papa mere papa. Principal Sandhya Venkatesh welcomed Grade 11th students presenting them with a rose as a gesture of love on their very first day. The programme started with a warm welcome by Genoveva Lopes followed by grade 7A who sung a beautiful song dedicated to the fathers prepared by Sir Yashwant Amroskar followed by a solo performance by our student Nathan Parakh. Fathers also got to watch an inspirational video screened especially for them. Class wise students along with their fathers were called on the stage to gift their superheroes with a special card they made. More than 200 fathers attended the program. Fathers were also given a memento with a heart touching message printed on the same followed by snacks. Many fathers expressed their gratitude and were emotionally touched for making them feel special for the very first time in a very special way. The event was compered by Vanda Figuereido and Mabel Dsouza extended the vote of thanks. Principal also appreciated fathers for their overwhelming response.

World Music Day 2019

World Music Day 2019